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By listening to your needs, Reddawn selects the best combination of strategies to protect your business and reputation.

Reddawn | Security & Risk Management Services

An overarching Security and Risk management approach will combine a number of services to provide the best outcome for your requirements.

By focusing on the interlacing of services, Reddawn ensures that the solutions provided work cohesively towards your goals. Removing redundant operations that can negate the effectiveness of a holistic approach. Benefiting you with reduced expenditure on areas that can be streamlined through correct management overlays and risk analysis. Allowing your project scope to determine the methodology of services.



Supporting our LGAs, local organisations and charity sectors, Reddawn has partnered with these beneficial clients to provide services in support of their outreach programs.


Reddawn has worked on major infrastructure installation projects throughout Australia. Including the fibre-optics installation along the east coast, and the train-line installation project within the ACT. We are intrinsically familiar with these large scale sites and their required risk and management methodologies.


Concierge skills and customer service are key to our corporate locations. We ensure a high-level of report writing and interpersonal skills from our staff members working in this sector, with our management chain-of-command supporting a communicative and collaborative approach.


From bespoke VIP gatherings to 100,000 person festival and stadium events, Reddawn has operated in this sector for over 15 years. With experience in greenfields, hardstand, custom build, showground and stadium environments.


Reddawn is one of the pre-approved ‘Whole of Government’ suppliers in Australia. Enabling us to work with both federal and state entities for provision of services. With pre-approved clearances for specified state locations.


Providing services at varying industrial areas, including refineries, factories and maritime locations. Each with requirements for licensing, MSIC (Marine Security Identification Card) PPE and SOPs specific to their site parameters. This is a practice that Reddawn is familiar with and manages with our in-house systems, in alignment with our clients protocols.


Loss prevention and risk analysis are vital for the retail sector. With our experienced management overlays and trained staff, Reddawn excels in services for warehouses, shopping centres, stores and designer boutiques.


From large-scale events to major sporting games, Reddawn has the staff and skills to service these mass gatherings. Experienced in crowd analysis, egress/ingress flow, emergency protocols and venue operations, Reddawn is equipped to deliver outstanding Security & Risk services.

Trusted by

“Due to your team, we were able to ensure our people presented to work healthy and prevent Covid-19 getting through our gates. Each morning without fail your team were there, regardless of the weather conditions, always courteous and met with a smile.”

Dale Cooper

Executive General Manager, VIVA
“These are the kind of qualities, and professionalism, we seek to see in the security industry and individual guards.”

Jason Elderhurst

Senior Mgr, Building Services, NSW Public Works Advisory
“What stellar service we received yesterday. Set up and bump out was seamless, largely thanks to the professionalism and dedication of your team.”


Operations Mgr, White Space Gallery
“Reddawn is a premier provider of site security with a speciality in dignity protocol and crowd safety.”

Darren Mitchell

Honorary Secretary, NSW Gov Office for Vetran’s Affairs
“I would thoroughly recommend them to any business looking to invest in a long-term partnership with a provider who is as committed to your success as you are.”

Dianne Rigg

Sydney General Manager, Raging Waters
“I can personally attest to the first-class services Reddawn provide and how they have made truly positive impacts towards patron and client safety and satisfaction.”

Mike Hammond

Chief Executive Officer, Event Medical Services
“I was in the field yesterday conducting audits myself and I wanted to take this opportunity to formally compliment the good work of your Supervisors … They were across the issues and provided Auditors with clear and concise information.”

Stuart Gair

Operations Coordinator, Daris Group
“If a focused, accessible and high quality security solution is what you’re after, look no further than Reddawn.”

Matt Sims

Director, Sims Entertainment
Corporate responsibility

More than a business, Reddawn is a community.

Reddawn | Security & Risk Management Services