Corporate responsibility and Reddawn

At Reddawn we ensure that with every touchpoint we add value - not just in our service delivery but to our staff and our wider community.

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More than a business, Reddawn is a community. Taking part in peoples daily lives both through employment and our outreach programs.

  • Diversity

    At Reddawn, we foster an inclusive environment where people of all backgrounds, identifies and cultures can thrive. We believe this is key to our success and growth as a business.

  • Community

    More than an organisation or a company, these support networks form key pillars in the lives of our communities. Providing outreach and aid to individuals and collectives.

  • Mental Health

    A key factor to daily life, Reddawn ensures we support our staff both in-house and through external agencies. As part of this, Reddawn contributes towards crucial organisations that assist in maintaining a balance of headspace within peoples busy lives.


We believe diversity in a workplace creates a culture of full innovation, acceptance and empowerment.

Reddawn | Diversity Workplace

Women in the workplace

With a leadership team made up of 70% women, Reddawn has a culture of empowering our female staff members through placements, mentorships and growth opportunities. We annually report to the Women's Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and are an industry leader in our female employment.

LGBTQI+ acceptance & inclusion

As an operator to many LGBTQI+ events and organisations, we work closely with our client and our team to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all. This extends to our workplace with inclusivity on uniforms, forms, diversity training, workplace mentors and our management team.

First nations

Murra is derived from the Aboriginal language of the Bundjalung people of Australia, who come from a small area along the North Coast of New South Wales meaning ‘Clever’.

This sector of Reddawn is staffed and managed exclusively by first nations people. The Murra branch fosters employment and opportunities to Aboriginal & Torres-strait Islanders. Assisting with training, licensing, on-the-job skills building and community outreach.


We work with a select number of organisations that have been key benefits to our community and our shared goals for these communities to succeed.

Our approach

A holistic and tailored approach to risk management

Reddawn | Security & Risk Management Services