Surveillance & Monitoring of your sites

An overview of your site through surveillance and monitoring will provide critical information, reduce risk and ensure the security of your people, assets and reputation.

Reddawn | Security & Risk Management Services

Detailed information obtained through patrols, CCTV and reporting allow you to make concise decisions about the risk and security management operations. By feeding back data, observed through these means, we can determine what actions of recourse will be most beneficial to increase the safety and security of the location.

Our capabilities

  • Dedicated Patrols

    Forming part of a location's security overlay, Reddawn can provide vehicle or foot patrols of the site. With geo-tracked check ins, data is instantaneously shared with clients.

  • Command Center Specialists

    Providing radio operators and scribes to Emergency Command Centres (ECC), Event Command Centres (ECC), National Operations Centres (NOC) and Command Centres. Reddawn are experts in recording and conveying concise information and delivering data in these high-pressure environments.

  • CCTV Operators

    Experienced in a variety of operating platforms and qualified as ‘Command Centre’ operators with the state licensing jurisdictions, these attentive staff members provide expert eyes and data recording to your site.

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Reddawn | Security & Risk Management Services