ICC Mens Cricket World Cup

Oct, 2022

Reddawn provided qualified and experienced personal protection specialists to as ‘Security Liaison Officers’ for all cricket teams and accompanying match officials on a 24/7 basis for the full five weeks of the tournament.

ICC Mens Cricket World Cup

What we did

National Service Delivery

With stadium events at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Sydney Cricket Ground, The Gabba, Adelaide Oval, Perth Stadium & Bellerive Oval; Reddawn ran 24/7 Local Area Commands (LOCs) in each state. To ensure continuity, Security Liaison Officers travelled with the teams and match officials to each of their tournament locations. Providing service coverage at all times, both in travel and at training locations, hotels, media calls and additional appointments.

Training, Inductions & Briefings

Communication was key to this service delivery. Merging into a worldwide event network with years of planning, multiple stakeholders and a paramount hierarchy of operations - it was vital that this knowledge on operational readiness was imparted to our Security Liaison Officers who would be on the ground. To ensure this Reddawn provided several ‘pre-briefing’ sessions for our staff, that allowed for in-depth training prior to deployment. This was partnered with handbooks proving an overview of operations. With additional daily briefings from the Reddawn Management team to each state leader, who would work with the state teams to excel in our operational duties.

Staff Selection

With providing Security Liaison Officer (SLO) services to international sporting teams, it was key that we not only had guards with the right security skill-sets but also with the right cultural fit. Reddawn developed a cultural training module for each team and delivered this to the officers who would be working with the team. We additionally ensured that each team was accompanied by a SLO who was fluent in the native language of the team, allowing for greater communication, enabling officers to excel in their roles.

Accreditation & Clearance

As a multi-tiered and multi-faceted event pre-approvals and security level clearances were a key deliverable. Reddawn ensured that all staff details were supplied in advance to the tournament and through the correct communication channels, allowing for the time to process background checks and accreditation development for officers.

Contingency Matrix

With a global event, security is a key risk mitigator. As such, at any moment additional security services may have been required. Reddawn ensured that a pool or appropriately trained, authorised and briefed Security Officers were ready to be rostered should additional services be required. This matrix of officers also allowed for immediate deployments in each state should an officer need replacing for any reason. Ensuring that at all times, no matter the circumstances, Reddawn would meet its service delivery requirements.

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The result

Our Security Liaison Officers ensured the safety and security of the players and match officials, from their arrival in Australia until their departure (including oversight of travel arrangements, hotels, training venues and match venues throughout Australia).

This is a great example of how Reddawn works with our client in servicing a large sporting event and the management of complex security arrangements for teams and venues.

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“The SLO’s performed outstandingly and acted with integrity and professionally throughout the duration of their tenure”

Trevor Easley

Head of Safety & Security, ICC Mens T20 World Cup

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