An end-to-end integrated approach

Through a holistic approach, we provide streamlined solutions to complex problems. Allowing all methodologies to tie into one centralised service delivery path.

Reddawn | Security & Risk Management Services

Our model

Through an integrated approach, Reddawn ensures we provide a custom built solution for your business.

Taking into account all risks, variables and treatment plans, Reddawn works with our client to ensure we provide the best fit with the most beneficial outcomes to their needs. Through this holistic approach we not only offer cost savings but enhance the integrity of the systems which ensure ongoing Security and Risk management for your site and project are achieved.

Our process


Reddawn will scope the full breadth of your project and the outcome you wish to achieve, utilising our industry experts and industry leading management strategies.



Aggregating this information together, we will curate the best approach to achieve your goals in a quality controlled, cost effective and timely manner.



Our delivery of services is tailored directly to you, with a dedicated account & systems manager who will oversee your project from end-to-end.



Learning principals are applied in an ongoing methodology, both as the project is delivered and in review of the service delivery, Ensuring that all improvements are integrated from the very moment they’re identified.



“A tailored approach ensures the best outcome for our client. We factor in all principles of risk, safety and security to deliver a service that encompasses all areas. Leaving no shortfall.”

Simon Auston | Reddawn

Simon Auston

Reddawn | Security & Risk Management Services

Benefits of our model

An all encompassing approach that provides the best resources, ensuring your success.

Service Quality

Through end-to-end management, you are assured that all aspects of your project requirements have been scoped, analysed and resourced accordingly. Leaving an air-tight delivery of your requirements.

Project Efficiency

Operating under one umbrella, our nation wide resources are pooled and accessible, ensuring you are provided with the best people and the best services.

Chain of Command

Streamlining your needs, Reddawn provides one central point to assist with all your needs. that This is supported by a matrix of the top industry risk management experts, crowd analysis experts, safety officers and security personnel.


With centralised information and resources, Reddawn is ready to move with you. Making adjustments in a fluid nature, to work with the latest risk and project information provided.

What we do

Integrated solutions for clients of every size and industry

Reddawn | Security & Risk Management Services