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Giants Stadium

Taking place at the Giants Stadium, and Sydney Showgrounds Precinct, Reddawn has provided services for events with up to 60,000 people. The use of the space varies dramatically, from sporting games, to ticketed K-pop music performances, Hardstyle EDM spectaculars, food shows or trade events. Each event attracts a varied audience demographic and requires variation on the management of the event. With events often implementing variation to the layout of the venue, which is its traditional style, features arena spectator architecture.

Stadium Management

What we did

Security, Crowd & Risk Treatments

Reddawn regularly provides Security, Crowd & Risk Management planning and treatments for the 30,000 – 60,000 person events held within theSydney Showgrounds, that feature the Giants Stadium. Management of arrival, ingress to the event layout, crowd movements around the venue and mass egress planning (in both normal and emergency conditions) are all key.

Specialist Staff

For executions of plans, we use a mixture of staff with specialist areas. We employed a team of ‘crowd safety’ staff to assist with way-finding, venue questions, and potential venue-lockdown infrastructure implementations.  Our Security Guards perform Crowd Management, Entry Screening, Welfare checks and assist in the surveillance and safety integrity of the site. Other staff roles we have deployed in alignment with our risk treatments include; RSA Officers, Cloak Room Staff, Ticket Scanning Staff, Metal Detector Wanding Staff, Zone Managers & Safety Officers.

Plan Development

Reddawn as part of our delivery for these events develop plans in alignment with the Venue, Project Managers and Stakeholders, often writing; Security and Crowd Management Plans, Risk Assessments, Emergency Management Plans, SecurityRosters and Sign On/Off, WHS Inductions, Security Inductions, SecurityBriefings, Deployment Maps and Post Event Reports. All to support the safe delivery of a successfully received event by our client and their patrons.

Demand Management

Staffing levels for each event vary depending on the risk assessment, and are often influenced by attendance capacity, site layout and the nature of attending crowd. Requiring anywhere from 150 to 390 guards to staff the site.

Bespoke Training

One ‘on the ground’ element we know to prepare for at stadium gatherings is cultural and/or language differences that guards may need to assist with. To educate for specific events, we undertake a pre-event briefing with our staff on the audience demographic and what would be priority to their experience, as well as covering cultural customs or communication barriers and ways to overcome these.

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Find out more about how Reddawn can help your business and request a quote today.

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