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Tapping into your corporate structure or forming part of your Command & Control Centre Reddawn provides clear communication lines for clients.

Reddawn | Security & Risk Management Services

Utilising a hierarchy structure, Reddawn is able to empower our staff to take proactive action. Resulting in no communication lag, great customer service and prompt report and data collation. Lead by our experienced management team, Reddawn staff are able to find the support needed to ensure our project is delivered smoothly and to standard every time.

Our capabilities

  • Security Managers

    Pivotal at large scale projects, the Security Manager takes charge of the site. Allowing for defined hierarchy and nimble decision making to be rolled out across a sector. Reddawn security managers have over 15 years industry experience and are certified to an Advanced Diploma of higher in their sector of security or risk management.

  • Security Supervisors

    Key to department and zone management, Security supervisors provide support to the operational structure and allow for concise communication to flow between upper management through to frontline staff. Supervisors have a minimum 8 years industry experience and hold a Cert III or higher in Security.

  • Safety Officers

    Overseeing onsite Workplace Health and Safety, safety officers form a key role in ongoing risk assessments at an operational site and maintaining the standards of contractors, ensuring compliance with legislation, legal requirements, site rules and and submitted SWMS.

  • Induction Officers

    Working in support of a Safety Officer, the Induction officer ensures that all staff and contractors arriving are appropriately qualified, registered and inducted prior to entering the site. They provide details on all site operational rules and any changes that may occur on a day to day basis that are pertinent to job roles on site.

  • Covid Marshals

    Engaging staff and visitors on safety, our trained Covid-19 Marshals can assist with protocols and communication, ensuring a safe workplace.

  • Crowd Safety

    These operatives are trained to assist in customer service and are an overt presence that are clearly identifiable. They assist with patron instructions, are a distinct and identifiable visual presence, and provide strong communications for site ingress/ egress. Assisting event staff and security in composite to achieve the necessary education of patrons in high-density or high foot-traffic areas.

  • RSA Marshals

    Proving a customer centric approach at functions and events, RSA marshals are pivotal in ensuring the Responsible Service of Alcohol is adhered to and that all patrons can enjoy themselves in a safe and responsible environment.

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Reddawn | Security & Risk Management Services