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With a systemised approach, Reddawn will provide the analysis, documentation and planning that will fortify your operational strategies.

Reddawn | Corporate Risk Security Services

Reddawn starts with understanding our clients needs and taking the time to scope their requirements. From here we utilise the best approach with a combination of planning, systems and deliverables that will achieve their goals. This is inclusive of analysis, documentation, workshops and training which combine to mitigate risk in your workplace.

Our capabilities

  • Risk Analysis & Plans

    From scoping an initial assessment, through to developing in depth Risk Management matrixes, Reddawn is not only qualified but hosts a team of experienced professionals in the risk sector who will execute these services.

  • Security Management Plans

    Overseeing the breadth of the project, Reddawn’s security management plans (SMP) allow all parties to align to the one methodology, improving communication and streamlining services.

  • Crowd Control Analysis

    Working in tandem with the venue layout and crowd overview, Reddawn will provide a detailed approach on the likely movements of persons through spaces and what the treatments to these pressures should be under all scenarios (including mass movements, standard operations and emergency scenarios).

  • Inductions

    Weather online or in person, Reddawn will design a comprehensive induction that is bespoke to your purpose. This can be for security staff to be informed prior to arrival or can be extended to your wider risk mitigation planning, such as contractor access to site.

  • Training

    Whether custom built to your site by Reddawn, integrated with your existing site protocols & WHS management team, or simply through on-going up-skill programs we run. Reddawn has a comprehensive training matrix to ensure our staff are up to date with your standards and latest procedures.

  • Administration

    Reddawn tracks and retains all qualifications and reporting through our cloud based platforms. Ensuring that you will always have a qualified staff member onsite and that any information you require is only a click away, at your fingertips.

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