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"At Murra we aim to instil pride into all people that we gather with, sharing a yarn from time to time, and for a greater understanding for all people."

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Focusing on the employment and empowerment of first nations people, The Murra division of Reddawn has been in operation for eight years, proudly seeing expansion in staffing levels and communities over this time.

The Reddawn Murra division operates primarily in the Coffs Harbour to Byron region in Bundjalung country. We also operate in the homeland of the Yaegl people in Clarence Valley in the Northern Rivers region. However staff travel often and have worked all across the east coast; from Canberra all the way up to far North Queensland.

This division can be allocated to a singular project or on larger scale projects can be incorporated into the reporting structure of the extended Reddawn team.


  • Community

    As part of working in multiple locations, Murra networks with the mobs and community leaders in each area. We focus on the communities needs and how we can assist with catering to their requirements whilst we work in each location. This has seen us work with local PCYC’s, run ‘big brother’ mental health workshops for local youth and run kids afternoon activity programs.

  • Outreach

    Each year Murra supports an outreach of choice. Most recently this has been a focus on Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and its prevention. With the ‘Take Heart: Deadly Heart’ outreach program leading the drive. Reddawn Murra has worked with ‘Take Heart: Deadly Heart’ in both the financial support and continuing distribution of their educational messaging.

  • Mentorship

    In navigating the Security & Risk sector, Reddawn Murra provides support to employees throughout their journeys. This may be from an administrative standpoint of enrolment and completion of courses, through to more practical perspectives of partnering employees with mentors to allow them growth in their industry skill sets.

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