Security in the Valley

October 25, 2023
Security in the Valley

A lush valley of unspoiled natural wilderness and stunning scenery in 3000 acres of national park. Glenworth Valley Adventures features incredible onsite activities including horse riding, quad biking, camping & much more. It is host to school groups, families, corporate retreats, glamping getaways and bridal wonderlands. 

With both large-capacity holiday and event periods and high-profile VIP engagements, Reddawn is the key Security Provider to Glenworth Valley Adventures to protect the companies and their clients’ interests who have engaged the site for activities.

In working at Glenworth Valley, it is key our guards understand that this is a ‘destination’ day for patrons coming to the valley.Weather it’s a family group who’s driven 2 hours to go horseback riding, a bridal party arrival or a CEO coming to provide the company keynote – all patrons have come with pre-set expectations and our task as Security is to either exceed these expectations or assist venue staff with de-escalation skills when a customers’ expectations are not met.

In rostering staff to this location, we identify individuals who are calm under pressure, excel in customer communications and are able to make decisions autonomously that are well informed on the information available from the venue and client any given moment.

Through staffing consistency and our compliance protocols,Reddawn is able to ensure we have the correct trained and knowledgeable staff to be working at this unique destination venue.

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