People are People - Supporting our LGBTQIA+ Staff

November 1, 2023
People are People - Supporting our LGBTQIA+ Staff

Queer, Non-binary, Trans, Bi-Sexual, Pans, AFAB, AMAB, Cisgender, Fluid; all are welcome at Reddawn. To assist our staff feel their most authentic self, Reddawn has implemented:

Non-Gendered Uniform

Staff are given the selection of what uniform styles they find most accommodating. In our corporate uniform this means a choice between a tie or scarf, and in our causal uniform we’ve seen staff members opt to selecting a non-form fitting shirt. Uniforms remain functional for the role of security and crowd control but allow our staff to present themselves as they would like to identify.

Pronoun Pins

Ensuring that staff can be addressed as they are preferred,Reddawn support the wearing of pro-noun identifiers by those who would like to wear them, and have then available as part of our uniform folio. We also offer a pride pin that can be worn with all uniforms.

HR LGBTQI+ accommodating forms and platform

In a largely cis-male dominated industry, Reddawn has gone to additional lengths to ensure all our staff are included. This meant engaging our rostering and HR platforms to do additional platform builds to offer a broader selection then only 'male/ female' when registering. Now in response to the question ‘Gender Identity’ staff can select from 4 categories. A goal that we achieved after much pressure from our company working alongside the soft-wear developers. 

‘They/ Them’ staff Handbook Terminology

To avoid any bias or exclusion, all terms within Reddawn 'staffing documents refer to 'they/them' to create an inclusive environment for all.

LGBTQIA+ Staff Reps

Assigned staff reps within our workforce have been appointed to ensure that our LGBTQIA+ staff have a non-manager they can approach with any questions. This is in addition to our HR support and the ability to reach out directly to managers with any queries.

We know that this will always be a continued learning area and we look forward to our continued improvement on it alongside our staff and the community.

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