Senior Managers Attend Industry-Leading Crowd Management Course

March 30, 2023
Senior Managers Attend Industry-Leading Crowd Management Course

Reddawn has taken a significant step towards enhancing its event & site safety measures by sending its senior managers to an industry-leading crowd management course.

The course, provided by The Square MetreGroup, has helped the managers gain valuable insights and skills to ensure safer and more secure sites. The course covered various topics related to crowd management, including risk assessment, communication, crowd movements, crowd management tactics, contingency planning, and emergency response. It also focused on the legal and regulatory requirements that event managers must comply with when organising events and site layouts, particularly those involving large crowds.

The course has not only provided the Reddawn managers with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage crowds effectively, but it has also given them a certified 'Level 5 Award in Crowd Management'. This qualification is a testament to their commitment to ensuring the safety of their clients and event attendees.

In addition to the training, the course has also provided an excellent opportunity for the Reddawn managers to network with other stakeholders in the industry.

This includes representatives from the police, state planning, transport, and state precinct managers. The opportunity to engage with these stakeholders has enabled the Reddawn team to gain a better understanding of their respective roles in ensuring event safety and has also strengthened their partnerships in delivering successful events. 

Reddawn is committed to making events & precincts safer and continuously works towards educated risk minimisation for its clients. The attendance of its senior managers to this course is a testament to this commitment. The insights and skills gained from this course will be applied to all future sites organised by Reddawn, ensuring the highest level of safety and security for all attendees.

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