Leading Corporate Security Services in Australia

April 3, 2023
Leading Corporate Security Services in Australia

With a reputation for excellence in delivering security solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of its clients, Reddawn has become the preferred security provider for VIP events, red carpet events, corporate protection roles, and leading venues across the country. 

At the core of Reddawn's success is its team of highly trained security guards who possess exceptional customer service skills. Unlike other security providers that focus solely on providing physical presence, Reddawn understands that customer service is an essential aspect of corporate security. Their guards are trained to be approachable, friendly, and responsive to the needs of clients and their guests.

Before deploying its guards to a client's site, Reddawn provides an in-depth briefing to ensure that the guards are fully prepared to handle any potential security requirements. This pre-deployment briefing includes a comprehensive assessment of the client's security needs, an analysis of potential risks and vulnerabilities, and a discussion of the client's expectations. 

One of the key strengths of Reddawn's corporate security services is their ability to match the skills of their guards to the specific requirements of their clients, whether this is language skills, cultural skills or service style. This ensures that clients receive the most effective security solutions possible. Whether it's providing access control, crowd management, or close protection services, Reddawn's guards have the skills and expertise to deliver a professional and effective security service. 

Reddawn's exemplary corporate security services have been utilised by a range of high-profile clients and venues across Australia. These include the International Convention Centre Sydney, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Starship Executive Fleet, Embassies located in the ACT andSydney, and Corporate Executives. The fact that these prestigious clients have chosen Reddawn as their preferred security provider is a testament to the quality of their services.

Whether it's providing security for a Netflix Launch, close protection to the Cricket World Cup T20 teams, body guarding to high-profile celebrities or greetings within a secure foyer, Reddawn is the go-to security provider for clients who demand the best.

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