Rally for Reegs

August 4, 2022
Rally for Reegs

Having provided security to the Duck Creek Races in the tight knit Orange community for years, when ‘Rally for Reegs’ approached us for help, we were first to jump on board.

Support was reached out for on behalf of the paralysed Orange Emus player, Andrew Regan, who recently suffered a severe spinal injury in the first round of the Central West Rugby season. During the game, Andrew tragically suffered a broken neck and was immediately unable to feel anything from the chest down.

His sister Katy informed us “The injury has left him an incomplete quadriplegic,” she said. “If you know my brother, you’ll know him to be an absolute larrikin in the best sense of the word.”

“Andrew has a long road ahead of him, but he’s always relished a challenge…his first message to the family, painstakingly spelt out via an alphabet board was ‘I just want to say I love you and it’s a mere flesh wound’.

Reddawn upon hearing that the Duck Creek Races had channelled all their efforts this year toward fundraising for Andrew immediately jumped onboard with a 10k donation.

We were first approached to offer a raffle prize for the event and upon hearing the details of what it was for, we knew we had to do more. In addition to offering a Roosters Box Suite as the raffle prize, we reached out directly to Kathy to find out what the family needed. With the biggest hurdle being medical expenses Reddawn donated $10,000 towards this. We hope this support can help Andrew, his wife Jessie and their 12 month old Son Angus start to rebuild their lives.

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