Over 150 Years of Experience

October 20, 2023
Over 150 Years of Experience

With our combined experience in the trenches of the security and risk management industries, Reddawn brings more than 150 years of expertise to the table!

Reddawn has a wide breadth of management and specialist staff, ensuring that on tight timelines multiple members can be dedicated to the project to leap-frog in each step of the planning process or be tasked to certain zones/scopes/sites. Allowing project areas to be worked on simultaneously when possible or worked on immediately after the preceding item is closed out.

Our large breadth of specialists allows us to work with you to best tailor a service specifically to your needs. Creating a cost efficient and beneficial protection for your people, property, assets and reputations.

Some of our key members who will help with your solutions are: Simon Auston (30 years), Christophe Galibert (30 years),Melissa Dennis (15 years), Edie Auston (10 Years), Joshua Aholeli (30 years), Tanya Auston (20 years), Ethan Thompson (15 Years), Damien Williamson (15 Years),Troy Goring (20 Years).

These staff members come with specialised focuses, such as Risk Management Certifications, Advanced Security Diplomas, Extensive Industry Experience, Policing Backgrounds, through to Paramedicine Degrees and Bachelors in Law.

To discuss the breadth of our teams skills and how we can help you with your solutions, get in touch.

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