Hawk Eye for Details

October 27, 2023
Hawk Eye for Details

Using the latest in technology, Reddawn supported Dave Chapelle on his Australian and New Zealand 2023 special tour.

Over the course of the tour, the comedy special of Chapelle’s entered a new age with a 'no phones or recording' policy. Allowing patrons to be in the moment with Chapelle, instead of behind a phone screen.

Live Nation worked with Reddawn who provided staffing to the Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Brisbane, and New Zealand shows. Utilising infrared scope cameras (that identify electronics in use) for surveying the arena and paired with response teams.

Reddawn was able to identify, coordinate, respond and intervene on any potential threats to the policy infringement in a matter of seconds.

Reddawn staff were praised by tour producers for their meticulous and vigilant services in their surveying. Ensuring that the live stand-up show was a first time wonder with each new audience it reached. Un-leaked, and available only to the exclusive event attendees in that moment.

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