Girls to the Front

October 21, 2023
Girls to the Front

At Reddawn we strive to break barriers on gender equality, but on this occasion we held strong on the barriers for gender equality! 

Over the long weekend we supported the event delivery of ‘Off The Rails’ with featured bands ‘Amyl and the Sniffers’ and ‘Private Function’. Known for their lively crowd interactions, ‘Private Function’ was quick to lean over the barriers, holler to the crowd and climb the stage truss. Likewise Amy from 'Amyl and the Sniffers' was down on the amps amongst the crowd and

there supporting the crowd and artists’ safety was our ALL FEMALE Reddawn Barrier Team.

When Kathleen Hanna from ‘Bikini Kill’ screamed ‘girls to the front’ in the 1990’s we can now proudly look back and say ‘We’re here’.

Always striving for gender equity in our workforce, this was a great occasion when we could look across the pit area of the stage that day and actively see that our actions match our policy statements.

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